helps you to manage renting units. Be reminded when a contract has to be renewed and print it out in seconds.
See what's up next and measuer the return on your properties, individually and as a whole.
If you manage properties for others we have an agency mode for that. Save time with .


Manage owners, buildings, renting units, tenants, suppliers and incidents.

Always have the right contact data at hand. Manage from a single houses or apartment to entire skyscrapers, shopping malls, whatever you can rent out.

Manage occupancies

This combines a renting unit with a tenant for a time and usually is related to one contract.

Manage income and expenses

See when you have to collect rents, account for paymens or partial payments. Calculate late fees. See at one glance what comes, what goes out and your return.

Print receipts and export CSV

Print simple receipts, invoices or even bills of exchange. Also export data to CSV from any list.


See with one look what has to be done today and the basic success data (if you have the authorization).


See income, expenses and return for the last 12 month. You can even filter those by building.


Enter the data for a new occupation and print out a contract in minutes. Use contract templates for different renting scenarios.


Be informed when you hace to collect rents, renew contracts or deal with an incident (repairs).

Agency mode

If you administrate properties for others use our agency plan and simply switch between different property owners.


We have currently servers in Paris and Amsterdam with daily backups.